Signature Relocation Announces Strategic Partnership with Relocation Services Strohmayer, Austria’s Leading Relocation Service Provider

Signature Relocation, a premier provider of relocation management services in the industry for 25 years, is thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with Relocation Services Strohmayer, a distinguished destination service provider in Austria. This partnership aims to enhance the relocation experience for those moving to or from Austria.

This collaboration combines Signature Relocation’s global expertise with Relocation-Services Strohmayer’s local experience. Our partnership focuses on delivering a smooth and comprehensive relocation process, covering a wide range of services.

Relocation-Services Strohmayer offerings include:

  • Residence Permit Assistance: Managing all necessary documents, organizing official translations, and ensuring timely submission to authorities. Relocation Services Strohmayer provides logistical support and accompanies clients to overcome language barriers, keeping the HR department updated throughout the process.
  • Work Permit Facilitation: Similar to residence permits, Relocation Services Strohmayer assists in document collection and navigating organizational and language barriers. Relocation They also offer a monitoring service for timely permit renewals.
  • Home Finding: Assisting transferees with housing market insights and infrastructure overview, guiding them to find a new home in Austria.
  • Family Support: Providing aid in searching for suitable schools and kindergartens, catering to the needs of the entire family during relocation.
  • Settling In Services: Managing all organizational steps with local authorities, insurance, telecommunication companies, and energy suppliers for a comfortable start in the new home.
  • Cancellation Assistance: Helping with the termination of rental contracts, insurance, telephone and internet contracts, bank accounts, and other memberships to avoid additional costs post-relocation.
  • Property Return Management: Offering thorough preparation and organization for the orderly return of properties at the end of the stay.

This partnership underscores our commitment at Signature Relocation to provide the highest quality, customized relocation services globally. Clients relocating to Austria will benefit from the unique combination of Signature Relocation’s extensive network and Relocation Services Strohmayer’s in-depth local knowledge, ensuring a hassle-free transition to their new home.

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