Signature Relocation Newsletter

Signature Relocation Newsletter | Vol. 1, Issue 1 | February 2020

Now a Standalone Corporation!

Still owned by the Corrigan family, but no longer known as Corrigan Relocation dba Signature Relocation, we are excited to announce this change of becoming a standalone corporation. We will have new funding requirements for new clients and will determine yearly funding needs with current clients. There will be no changes that you will notice. Please let us know if you need a new W-9 from our team.

Business Mileage Update – Effective 1/1/2020

The business mileage rate has gone from $0.58 down to $0.575 cents (a half a penny) and the moving expense rate for military moves has gone down from $0.20 per mile to $0.17 per mile (a three penny decrease). Click here to read the full article. Read more

Could Relocation be a Reward?

Younger professionals CRAVE experience. Could relocation be a reward? We think so. Employees who are doing amazing work and want to travel may see relocation as an award. Read this story about a relocation dream come true: Mobility as a reward or incentive.


Educational Breakfast Hosted by Detroit Regional Relocation Council


Detroit Regional Relocation Council will be hosting an educational breakfast on June 27th and we are lucky to have two of our Signature Relocation team members on the board of the DRRC.

Design Thinking- People Affected by Change

thinking bubble

“Design thinking is approaching problems and innovating solutions by considering and involving the people affected by the change. Signature Relocation encourages you to consider your transferees during the relocation process. Read why:


Strong Economy Drives Big Relocation Benefits

relocation benefits

As the U.S. economy maintains strength, companies must go to greater lengths to recruit and retain top talent, including offering greater relocation perks and benefits. According to the Wall Street Journal, Americans are less willing to move for new jobs. Community, family ties, and opportunities close to home are some of the factors that impact decisions to move for career opportunities and advancement. To address these concerns, more companies are offering relocation benefits, and these benefits have increased over the past few years.

The article, “Some Companies Spend Plenty to Lure Executives Willing to Relocate,” by Joann S. Lublin, goes on to report that the average relocation package for the biggest 3,000 publicly traded companies in the U.S. totaled $144,633.

Click here to read the original article from the Wall Street Journal.


Hurricane Florence Update – September 2018

hurricane image

As we have been following weather updates, Hurricane Florence has been reported to have gained strength; it is predicted to make landfall on the East Coast over the next few days. As Florence makes its way towards the coast, there appear to be other storm systems following behind in the Atlantic. With predictions unknown of exactly what might happen, previous storms remind us that they have the potential to bring heavy rains and severe winds leading to power outages, heavy damage and flooding. We will work with customers and carriers to ensure that all parties are safe and remain safe. ETA’s may change due to weather, road conditions, etc., however we will keep all updated on the status.

Listen closely to instructions from local officials on TV, Radio, Cell Phones, or other Computers for instructions from local officials. Evacuate if told to do so.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Hurricane Resources:

National Hurricane Center

The Weather Channel – How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Preparing Kids for a Relocation

Mom and child with map.

Relocating can be an emotional journey – even more so when you are relocating with kids!

Saying goodbye to friends and family and getting ready for the challenges of a new city, new home, new room, new school, new friends, and maybe even a new language is understandably difficult. Preparing for the emotional impact of moving can help ease the transition and help kids adapt, hopefully prepping them for a life of exciting new places and experiences.

Click here to a personal account of preparing kids for a relocation, written by Martin Giles, a Global Mobility Specialist.

Going Global for the First Time?

Going global?

When deciding to expand your business globally, there are a number of things to consider:

  • Does the company have the proper policies in place to help streamline the global process?
  • Is the payroll department aware of the decision? What needs do they have?
  • What outside vendors should be considered to help in the process and mitigate risks along the way?

In this month’s article, Jen Stein, Managing Director for GTN Great Lakes, highlights these considerations so you can administer and support your globally mobile individuals.

Read Jen’s article here: Going Global for the First Time?

Signature Relocation Joins the Rocky Mountain Relocation Council

Signature Relocation joins RMRC

Signature Relocation joined the Rocky Mountain Relocation Council.

The spring conference was in Arvada, CO. RMRC President Vini Valverde and VP Rick Willard recognize Signature as one of the corporate sponsors.

Signature looks forward to participating in the fall conference on September 25th.

Signature Relocation Makes an Impact at the Detroit Regional Relocation Council

Kim & Lori

Signature Relocation is pleased to announce the election of Kim Martin as President, and Lori Swarthout as Treasurer, to the Detroit Regional Relocation Council (DRRC) for 2018.  The DRRC is recognized as a regional group by the Worldwide ERC.  It is a professional organization that provides a forum for education, networking and discussion of the latest mobility trends and issues for domestic and global relocation services for corporate mobility and service providers.