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For 25 years Signature Relocation has been moving people around the world, our moving network spans the globe ensuring start-to-finish unparalleled control of long and short-term international relocation assignment support. In a very unpredictable global immigration environment,  you can count on our expert team of international relocation professionals to craft compliant yet forward-thinking policies for the unique needs of your expatriate employees.

In recent months, there has been an increased focus on the timeliness surrounding the immigration environment. Today companies need to be prepared to respond and support expatriate employees in the midst of continuous mobility challenges.

We are five months into 2023 and U.S. visa appointment wait time from some countries may still take 6 months to nearly a year. For example from, today the estimated wait time to receive an interview appointment at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate from Madrid, Spain is 94 days, and from Toronto, Canada 104 days. In a recent webinar noted by the Worldwide ERC, Supporting your Expatriate Population Through an Unpredictable Immigration Environment, the average has improved since 2020, and even in 2021, wait time for a work visa is still far longer than normal and should generally take less than 100 days.

Some of the key factors contributing to the volatile immigration environment:

  • Visa backlog due to the number of cases submitted exceeding the number processed
  • Covid flexibilities are expected to end
  • Remote work flexibility
  • Accompanying family rules and restrictions
  • The United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union
  • Wars in the Middle East and Ukraine
  • Workforce reduction disclosure

For these reasons, the global immigration environment continues to be extremely complex, and being prepared can help navigate these unstable conditions. That is why partnering with a relocation management company, like Signature Relocation, advances your organization through intricate planning directly assisting your expatriate employees door-to-door in a smooth transition to their new home.

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Five Signs the Housing Market is Cooling

If you are in the market for a new home you may be wondering if the rapidly expanding size of the housing bubble has eased and is beginning to cool down. There is good news for home buyers, the ridiculously fast pace of the real estate market has been slowing down for a while now, here is why:

Home Prices are Subsiding

Although home prices continue to go up year over year, there has been an evident shift in the market that may be considered more of a normalization than a correction. The rapid pace following the pandemic boom in early 2022 was too hot not to cool down. Though home prices are still on the rise, just as they have always been, the growth of the increase has continued to subside.

Increased Levels of Inventory

Over the last couple of years, all economic markets felt the strain of supply and demand. The housing market was no exception, demand for housing was high and the supply was low, in turn causing home prices to rise.

Despite the fact that there are still fewer homes on the market than those at pre-pandemic levels, in early 2023 the number of active listings in the U.S. has increased dramatically from that of the previous year, in fact, a whopping 65.5%! Buyers will have more inventory to choose from and continue to see more homes on the market as 2023 progresses.

Listings Spending More time on the Market

The challenges within a red-hot real estate market the last couple of years saw low inventory, bidding wars, fast sales, buying sight unseen and higher prices. Fast forward to January of 2023, the average home spent 75 days on the market. The pain of rising interest rates and higher mortgage payments cause pause making house hunting less attractive for those considering entering the market.

Less Interest in Buying

One of the truest signs that the housing market is cooling off is that people are not showing interest in buying homes. We know this because fewer people are applying for mortgages. In addition, consumers have an eye on rising interest rates and the overall cost of living.

Sellers Lowering Their List Price

A significant indicator that the housing market is cooling, as home sales continue to slow month to month buyers may actually start to see prices dip, sellers are lowering their asking price. In the cooler market, there are fewer buyers, sellers are getting nervous and in order to beat out the competition are more willing to chip away at their list price.

Signature Relocation has been a full-service relocation provider building relationships in the industry for over two decades. Trust that with Signature Relocation you can expect a knowledgeable team of leading experts devoted to taking the stress and hassle out of researching, negotiating, and scheduling your next move. It is our highest priority to provide the highest quality in the industry ensuring the transition to your new home is a seamless part of your relocation.

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How Signature Relocation Can Assist You: Policy Benchmarking

In business, benchmarks establish a starting point and map a path of continued progression. By establishing benchmarks, you gain perspective on what is working and what’s not, opportunities, and achievable goals. Knowing what was and was not successful is a guide for what to focus on.

Whether you are building a new program or reviewing and enhancing an existing one, Signature Relocation focuses on the structure and framework of your organization building a customized program that begins with your business goals and priorities. Implementing both policy expertise and comprehensive data, Signature Relocation ensures your organization achieves the highest quality in the industry putting cost-effective and competitive policies into place.

As an experienced relocation management company, Signature Relocation is dedicated to fostering continuous process improvement by carefully evaluating each benefit around the goals and culture of your organization. Some services to consider to enhance talent recruitment and talent retention might include the following:

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